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The ACHtransfer ACH Processing and Transfer Service

What Is an ACH Payment?

An ACH payment is an electronic, automatic transfer of payments between banks. “ACH” stands for Automated Clearing House, which is the U.S. financial network that manages and oversees these ACH deposits. The ACH payment network itself is regulated by the federal government and the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). ACH debits are certainly a mainstream method of payment, too—according to NACHA, the ACH network moves $43 trillion each year.

ACHtransfers Bank-to-Bank ACH Payments

ACHtransfers allows you to easily make payments electronically. Whether you’re paying a friend, the utility company or organizing your business’s accounts payable and receivable, we can simplify that process. Particular benefits include:

  • Businesses and Small Businesses– Automated accounts payable and receivable, a more predictable cash flow and reduced administrative costs.
  • Financial institutions– Reduced risk of fraud and identity theft as well as an increase in customer loyalty.


Using the ACHtransfers Systems, you can securely upload or automate through our API a data file that contains your Payees Name, Email Address, and the Amount you want to transfer them. ACHtransfers checks the validity of data fields to ensure the entries have the correct character count, format, and other structure formats.

The recipients are then sent a verification email, containing a link to a secure page where their information is pre-populated. They will then enter their Bank Account Number and Routing Information into the Secure Form and confirm it. They also have the ability to use a secure platform to choose their bank, enter in their bank account username and password, and answer a few security questions in order to have their banking details automatically populated into the form, or they can choose our microdeposit system to get several microdeposit transactions ($.05 and $.12 for instance) and once the can confirm those transactions within our system, they are instantly validated.

Once validated, their payment will be automatically sent to them. Then all future payments sent to that recipient, once the data file is transferred to ACHtransfers, will be sent quickly and automatically without any other information or work from your payee needed. If your payee ever needs to update their banking details, they can simply login to their secure administration panel and do so themselves.


  • Approval Permissions System– Add approvers to a bill—they can review and approve from any device, anytime. This method makes it harder for employees to commit payment fraud, especially check fraud.
  • Keep a digital paper trail– Store invoices, receipts, and supporting documents in a secure inbox.
  • Pay with confidence– Protect your business with bank-level, state-of-the-art industry-leading security.
  • Improved cash flow-As a payer, you can hold onto your funds right up until the payment due date. Either way, you enjoy stronger and more predictable and trackable cash flow.
  • Lower overall costs– Whether you’re receiving or disbursing payments, doing so via paper checks is expensive. Disbursing payments using checks involves myriad costs, saving your payees money (Studies show it costs an average of $1.22 to process a paper check received for payment, and Wire transfers, meanwhile, can cost $20 or more to send.)
  • Greater flexibility and convenience– Scheduling debits and credits to be made automatically via ACH is more convenient than processing, writing and mailing paper checks.
  • More environmentally friendly– ACH is a green alternative to writing and processing thousands of paper checks. Not only do you save trees by eliminating paper use, but the need to transport checks via truck is eliminated as well.

No wonder more and more businesses are making the pragmatic decision to use electronic payment options over paper checks or cash. Learn how ACHtransfers helps small, id-level, and enterprise businesses automate accounts payable with ACH payments, and get your business started with ACHtransfers ACH Processing today.

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