ACHtransfers Advanced Technology Systems - ACH Transfers
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ACHtransfers Advanced Technology Systems

The ACHtransfers Technology

 ACHtransfers takes a great deal of pride in the technology behind our best-of-breed technology, premier customer service team and world-Class Intuitive User Experience(UX) systems to provide the ultimate secure platform that allows the collection, processing, and management of secured and encrypted data and put the data you need simply and reliably at your fingertips.

Using a combination of both Firewall Protected Dedicated Servers, as well as Cloud-Based Solutions, some of the technological highlights encompassing our State-of-the-Art platform include:

  • Data center located in Miami, Florida and as well as utilization of Amazons (AWS) Cloud Platform
  • CISP PCI-certified and SOC 1 Type II Certification
  • Intrusion monitoring in order to detect and track hacking attempts
  • APC Symmetra PX Series for power distribution and back up battery for short-term outages, as well as automatically starting diesel generator for unlimited back up power supply
  • As series of redundant data-system providers

ACH moves $43 trillion and 25 billion electronic financial transactions each year and ACHtransfers is tightly integrated with NACHA, which has been the steward of the ACH Network, employing a collaborative, self-regulatory model to facilitate the expansion and diversification of electronic payments on the ACH Network.

ACHtransfers has decades of experience in todays modern financial system best practices, with regard to Security, Compliance, the latest technology, providing our clients real-time analytics, a user-friendly secure administration system and seamless API, so that you can send out ACH payments conveniently and efficiently, using whatever platform you happen to prefer.

Our world-class team of talented IT professionals have decades of experience in programing and developing web-based and custom software applications, and the entire team is 100% dedicated to your success.

As new standards constantly surface, you can rest easy that the ACHtransfers IT team already has a handle on it.